Swing’n Sundays
The Armand Blais Orchestra plays for community church carnival
The Armand Blais Orchestra plays for community church carnival
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The Armand Blais Orchestra are World Renowned entertainers and Americas premiere choice for nostalgic performing arts based out of The Southern California Region. Armand Blais and his Big Band have shared the historic and influential sound of the 1930’s & 40’s with an international and domestic audience alike.

As one of Southern California’s top choices for corporate event entertainment, the man with RED TROMBONE is delighted to treat you and your party to twists, turns, dips, swinging flips and happy hips. SWING is as American, as, well apple pie and is just as easy to dance to. For over thirty years, Armand Blais has carried on an American tradition, and strong commitment to Big Band Swing Music. The 1930’s and Forties were eras of true American enterprise, style, and spark, no one knows that better than the Red Riff Master and his gang.

Armand Blais and the big band have traveled the world and have played at various Big Ticket venues, The Red Riff Master is happy to share the many stories and experiences with you and yours. As one of America’s world class leading entertainers he and his talents have influenced other groups as well, one of which being THE CLOSE HARMONY.

Armand Blais  

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